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World Horticultural Exhibition Antalya 2016- Music Fountain Water Show


Description: 2016 Music Fountain Water Show in Antalya Turkey
Type: Culture Tourism Waterscape Project
Scale: 120*10m in a Pool
Project conception: With the “flowers” as the theme elements to create a high-end music fountain water show

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Project Facts

Location: Sakayik Teras Architecture, Antalya, Turkey

Install: Orient Fountain Co., Ltd 

Services: Design, build, maintanence

Features: Music fountain, Freshwater pool, muti-shape fountain jets, fountain control app

Partner: Haluk

The project is the highlight of the 2016 Antalya World Horticultural Exposition (A1) in Turkey.

It is our high-end and unique water show works that combine sound, light, electricity, and water. The quality of all the products meets the European standard. 

Our professional dance team selects the classic music of Turkey, simulates the dance with the water dance, and gives the water-rich humanistic connotation.