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Biggest Floating music fountain in Brazil   

From 16th Jan. to  15th Mar. 2017. Our installation team has been to Cuiaba City,Brazil to guide installation about our biggest music fountain project.This is a 70m long floating music dancing fountain with projector and laser show. Below are some site photos:

Our team arrive at site and have technical meeting with the customers to discuss the detailed installation scedule about the fountian project before start installation.


Cuiaba floating fountain 08.jpg

Our installation team are happy to work with local engineers together

Cuiaba floating fountain 07.jpg

By using mobile crane to put the floating system into the lake.

Cuiaba floating fountain 03.jpg

Team members are connecting the underwater cables for the LED lights and submersible pump, solenoid valve and so on..Cuiaba floating fountain 04.jpgCuiaba floating fountain 05.jpg

Connecting cables for all the control panel in the control room. 

Cuiaba floating fountain 14.jpg

Our electrician and programmer are training customers how to operate the music fountain system.

Cuiaba floating fountain 02.jpg

Finished installation photos at site:

The floating system

Cuiaba floating fountain 01.jpg